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Going to start on a big project

2008-07-05 15:00:28 by CriticallyInsane

i am thinking about making a collab with people with pivot you know a pivot collab lol well anyone that wants to join it comment here i am going to make a topic in the forum so sign up and you don't even have to know any thing about pivot just go here to start but i would practice: For the program: a/;5290453;/fileinfo.html

and to get all the stuff: so get the program if you don't already have it comment here if you want to sgin up i will decide on music later and here are the is the sign up sheet:

Intro/loading bar:
Just animating (up to 8 people): Me
and putting it all togather:


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2009-01-18 03:16:46

Would it be ok if I joined this collab of yours.