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2008-07-04 23:23:53 by CriticallyInsane

My First flash why all the other flashs nowadays suck worse then that i mean look at the kitty krew they are just awful i mean the wrost all there animations nowadays are spam i wonder if there was a day where they weren't spam......well i know i suck at animaiton to i can't even walk with the pivot so i guess i am no better but i don't think that other flashes that suck should get to pass when they probaly suck worse then my first pivot.


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2008-07-05 05:00:35

think how rarely a kitty krews flash is blammed, regardless of quality
people want an extra save point so theyll 5 it knowing itll pass
yours probably had the usual mistakes/ poor quality of someone whos just started flash
those things almost never pass
dont think bad about yourself for it, youll get better eventually

CriticallyInsane responds:



2008-07-07 19:54:25

youre welcome ^.^